What the heck is Botox?

What is Botox treatment all about? Why is it so popular yet kind of embarrassing? Botox or Botulinum Toxin is a highly purified protein toxin that is being used to temporarily erase lines or what you call as wrinkles from different parts of your face. The Botox injection basically reduces the contraction of the muscles that are responsible for making us look old; as a result the fine lines created by the contraction do disappear. Nevertheless the results of Botox treatment are not permanent as the wrinkles and fine lines are reduced temporarily, but still people are finding their feet for this anti-ageing treatment.botox

The Areas where Botox Works

The Botox treatment is done on limited areas of the face; it basically covers the major portions where the ageing lines are seen prominently. The concerned areas of treatment include the following:

  • Forehead for fine horizontal lines
  • Area enclosing lips for smoker lines or gummy smiles
  • Area connecting the eyes, glabellar region
  • Around the corners of the eyes, crow’s feet

Does it leave any unwanted effects?

If you are worried about whether the Botox treatment has any side effects on the skin or muscles, then you need to know this. Botox treatment will not lead to any loss of sensory feeling in the facial muscles causing inconvenience. The basic procedure is to interrupt the muscle contraction, and this does not result in any further side effects.

However, the effects of Botox remain intact for approximately 3 to 4 months after which the patient will have to go for re-treatment.

Can it be used to treat medical condition?

This is one big question, and the answer to this is yes. Botox treatment is used to treat various medical conditions including facial pain for patients with inveterate TMJ, orofacial pain. It also helps in treating excessive sweating and Migraines.

Botox is not for you, if?

If you are under one of the conditions mentioned below, then it is advisable that you should not go for Botox treatment. The conditions include the following:

  • If you are facing a muscle weakening disorder
  • If you are consuming any muscle relaxants
  • If you are breastfeeding
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol, as alcohol can react and send the toxins to muscles that you do not want to treat. This could be extremely harmful.

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