What the heck is Accent® XL?

Accent XL is a laser body contouring treatment that is carried on to make your skin tighter and smoother. With increased age and changed lifestyle people are trying hard to maintain their tight and healthy skin. Skin loosening, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation are all signs of ageing, and we can say that ageing today is not coming by age but the signs could be seen on people in their 20’s also. Accent XL treatment helps the patients to get their youthful skin back, which looks more rejuvenated and fresh. It is a dual layer thermotherapy that uses latest radio frequency technology to enhance the look by working on the skin. Accent Why Accent XL?

  • It is a non-persistent skin contouring treatment in one single device.
  • The treatment is easy, quick, and reliable.
  • The spontaneous interface works of pre-positioned standards which makes sure the treatment goes on efficiently.
  • The device is equipped with temperature control monitoring which makes more consistent results possible
  • The treatment could be taken for the entire body, it is fit to solve various body contouring issues.
  • Climate or season holds no relevance in carrying on the treatment, as it could be executed in any part of the year.
  • You need not take any pre-treatment measures.
  • It works on expandable platform technology.
When to expect notable results? The Accent XL treatment works on the deep structures of your skin, and allows it to tighten. This targeted energy used on your skin helps reproduce collagen, which is the building block for skin. Minor results could be seen immediately, but to see key results you may need 3-6 treatments. 3 months of the treatment will yield younger, beautiful, and rejuvenated skin which you have always desired for. The downtime and treatment essentialities

It is advised for the patients to drink lots of water both before and after the treatment. This makes the treatment process easy, and temperature reading amid the process is also carried on efficiently producing the best results.

You can immediately get back to your daily routine once the process is done. No downtime is required after the process; this quick and convenient skin contouring treatment is just as easy as going for the treatment during your lunch time. There is no other extra precaution required before or after the treatment. You would look your best once the procedure is carried on effectively. Best results could be seen within the period of 3 months.


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