Futuristic ways of losing weight

Okay I have struggled with my weigh on and off since my late 20’s. I live a relatively sedentary life and like to drink, not a good combination. Now since I work in the beauty industry I’ve tried multiple different crazy methods and before I discuss these let me say nothing beats exercise and a good diet. Since I’m starting up a new weight loss campaign I thought I would go over some short cuts, lazy lazy short cuts. So here we go with my does and don’t.

NOTE: these are my personal opinions

Alevere: DO

This is my top DO, I lost 2 stone in 6 weeks on this diet and felt good doing it. Basically it is a Ketosis diet, that have been around since the age of Atkins. But the different with this is it is medically lead so it can go to the next extreme. Now I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t mind living like he’s on a spaceship eating his food in powder and pill form and then having my blood taken regular, so this agreed with me. The trouble I had was giving up socialising. Alcohol is a big no no on this diet. The key to Ketosis is not slipping up, once your body is in Ketosis, (which basically means that your body burns fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates). If you fall out of Ketosis you have 4 days of feeling terrible whilst you get back in, when you are in ketosis you feel great and have no hunger pains. After working with these guys on the diet I have been amazed how many life it has changed. They combine the diet with something called Endermologie (which is primarily a cellulite treatment) and Med Contour (which is an ultrasound Ultrasound Fat Removal Treatment) These are done regularly in order to gain excellent results.  If you lose weight that quickly without the treatment you end up with a whole load of saggy skin and look old beyond your years. In some cases it worth being a bit chunky and look health rather than heroin addict look.

Appetite suppressants: DON’T

When I was India I got a bunch of Diet pills, well they were appetite suppressants. They really messed with me. These to me come under the too good to be true and they have some really underhand schemes to get good reviews:


Fat Freezing: Do

I’m a big fan for fat freezing. As of writing this now I’m doing a course. What great about it is the effective targeting of specific areas. In a lot of instances you don’t want to lose weight all over your body. Through standard diets you cannot control it, if you lose weight your body will do it by burning fat from from the most easily assessable areas and they are rarely the places you want it lost from. Fat freezing allow you to identify the area. For me it’s my beer belly.

fat freezing


Vaser Liposuction: Maybe

Okay I have spent a lot of time help out Amanda Wong, whilst she was performing vaser surgery. Now this works, it really works, in a fraction of time compared to normal liposuction. However it’s not cheap, and it is surgery. I’ve seen this change people lifes, but in my mind you should only do this if you are not able to commit the time and effort into Alevere / Fat freezing. It’s amazing but it’s not to be underestimated  estimated.




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