Would you consider Botox?

Working in beauty one thing that is a relative constant is the level of interest divide been the genders. 90% of the traffic, sales, enquires and reader are always female. Men are simple less interested in the whole field apart from when it come to one field fitness, the gender ratio switches when it comes to body building. Now this is all pretty obvious, women have makeup and fashion, men protein shakes and ab-crunches. What interest me though is the lack of overlap when it comes to some of the more beauty treatments which should be more gender neutral. For example I’ve been working on fat freezing, now I had imagined this would be a killer for men, because most men are looking for the best way to get a six pack stomach and damm if that isn’t the best way.

One interest me above all: botox. 

Now Botox has been consider one of the best anti ageing treatments for ages. Very effective cheap and has a lasting effect. Sure a lot of women aren’t keen on people knowing about them using it, but they still do in there droves. It’s quick, practically unable to identify. Yet practically no men use it. Fillers I kind of understand the male face doesn’t suffer as much from loss of volume. But wrinkles, that ages a man just in same way as women.

Now I understand that it’s less, but proportionally it should be far higher than it is. So let me put this question to you.

Given that no one would ever find out. Would you use botox? And if not why not? 

Please drop a comment. Also I’m keen to find out from women. If you found out a guy was using botox, would this lower your opinion of him? More then it would then a female friend of yours?


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