How to eat yourself beautiful

Looking beautiful has always been associated with putting the right make-up and getting a facial treatment or beauty spa. But do you really think so that beauty is all about beauty treatments and expensive treatments, if yes? Then you need to know the story beyond it, which informs you about the one important factor without which looking beautiful isn’t really possible. And this, one important factor is food, as what we eat is what actually gets reflected on our skin. Let us know about some of the beautifying foods.


Strawberry the passion fruit is a great beautifying agent bringing out the glamorous part of you. Strawberry happens to be one of the perfect skin boosting agents, as it contains a lot of Vitamin C, which could be called as a natural skin glowing agent. It brings out your radiant complexion and also produces collagen that makes your skin look flawless. With so many beautifying qualities consumed with this fruit, do you really need an expensive beauty treatment now? Think about it!


Avocado is filled with a lot of Vitamin E growth that is equipped with the qualities which radiates your skin and supports healthy skin growth by protecting the skin against the cell damages. Avocados could be consumed in a lot many ways, grab one and make your favorite salad, smoothie or if you are an avocado lover, why not gulp it all at once. The benefits are many, indeed effortless.

Cashew Nuts

This tasteful nut is a power packed beauty product which the beautifying qualities that it owns. Cashew nuts are a rich source of antioxidants and they help to produce melanin that protects our skin from the harms of UV rays. Cashew nuts bring a natural glow to your face and its antioxidants property protects your skin from the ageing effects. Consume a handful daily after your workout session as this would bring the lost energy back and would magically work to beautify your skin. It is indeed an all in one beneficial food.


A bowl of oats or porridge advised by the doctor does not only keep your healthy, but it has a lot may advantages for your beauty as well. Sounds great no, yes it is, as whole grains release sugar into the blood with a slow rate that does not makes us feel hungry often. This lets you maintain your shape, and oats being a low-GI food protect your skin from moving towards ageing. So, while you grab and gulp a bowl of porridge you are not only doing well to your health and fitness but you are also making yourself young. Now, for sure you would love to follow your dietician’s advice.

So, beauty is not necessarily all about expensive beauty treatments and cosmetic products. The right kind of food would also make us look beautiful and fresh. And the results that you would get from eating beautifying food may turn out to be more amazing than beauty products. Give it a thought!


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