5 Dreaded Eyebrow Mistakes to Avoid

An eyebrow mistake does truly leaves us paranoid about what to do next; because once we go wrong with the eyebrows, we are hardly left with an option to correct it. We have all made eyebrows mistake at some point of time, which has definitely made a ridiculous impact on the overall planned look. So, let’s learn about some of the dreadful eyebrow mistakes which we should try and avoid.

Avoid over emphasizing

Avoid over emphasizing on your eyebrows, do not use so many colors to highlight the brows as it would make your brows look unnatural. It is always advisable to use eyebrow pencils to the limit of making it naturally defined. Do not over put the color inside your brows as this will make it look like a canvas that has been over drawn.

Use a highlighting pencil that makes your eyebrows look naturally beautiful and defined. Bobby brown’s perfectly defined long wear pencil is one of the best products that you could use for the purpose of highlight your brows as it puts the right dose of color giving a natural look.
Under emphasizing

Under the pressure of not to over emphasize the eyebrows, they are sometimes under emphasized leaving a dull look on your face. It is very important to understand your brows and its key areas of concern. Because it is then only when you your do the best corrective make-up. Eyebrows have a major impact on the overall frame of our face, and without defined eyebrows or so, no eyebrow would make the face look bizarre.
Making them look like twins

“Your eyebrows should look like sisters, not twins” is a very common saying about your eyebrow. In the effort to make them look exactly like, each other you may end up doing much harm to the look. A pencil could be used for this purpose if there lays asymmetry between the two eyebrows.
Plucking before a hot shower bath.

If you believe in doing all possible defining before going for a final hot shower bath then you may be doing wrong to your eyebrows. Plucking your brows before a shower bath may not prove to be a good idea because there are reasonable reasons not to do so. While you finish with your hot shower, the eyebrows become more defined and damped hairs make it easy for you to remove the extra ones. You get to easily locate the excess hairs and remove them efficiently as hot water damped hairs get removed easily without causing any pain or itchiness.

Buying brow cutting device

There are numerous stencils available in the market, which may look like the best guide to shape your eyebrows. Stencils may not properly serve the purpose for each and every individual. The eyebrow shape depends largely on the shape of your face and using a standards stencil may ruin the overall outlook of your eyebrow. So, instead of taking the help of any defining tool it is better to know your brows and its perfect shape as then you would easily be able to shape them.

Consider product (Revitalash

For perfect lashes it well worth considering the Revitalash, originally made for people who suffering hair loss from cancer it’s had some amazing results.


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