Is it a Blackhead? And how to treat it!

The difference between Blackheads and Sebaceous filaments is stated differently by different people and the reason of arrival of both of these skin issues is also different. This article is a must read for people who want to know in details about this skin issue.

If you squeeze Blackheads do look like a engrossed seed on our skin. They are mainly found in the noise area which makes it look like a strawberry. The groove that is felt on the skin pushes us to squeeze them so as to bring it out. But, is it really safe for the skin? You need to know this. For all those who notice clogging in the chin and nose area and try to squeeze out the clogged material, that is the blackhead, you must know that it isn’t a good idea for a lot many reasons.

To extract the blackhead could prove to be easy, but to extract and simply wipe the area is actually not good for your skin. When you squeeze out the blackhead you would notice a plug like appearance following it, and this is what is required to be handles by experts. The extraction could cause further damage to your skin which is why you should make sure to take the help of a therapist for this purpose.

Is it really a blackhead?

You need to ask yourself this question, as apart from blackheads sebaceous filaments do appear like dots on the nose, upper cheeks, forehead, or chin. They tend to group together forming a nucleated settlement which could be grey, tan or skin colored. When you try to squeeze them out, they pop out like white colored spikes. These filaments are made up of skeleton of 10-30 horny cell layers which are formed with the mixture of bacteria and sebum which is naturally produced by our skin. They have the tendency to get refilled every 30 days, so you can’t actually get rid of these harsh spikes. Actually there is no treatment that could help you get rid of sebaceous filaments.

Why do they actually occur?

This would be one big question popping up in your mind, and for this we should initially know the role of sebum. Sebum is basically a waterproof barrier on our skin which helps in keeping the skin healthy by protecting it from fungal infection. The continuous use of a cleansing agent or astringent that may have been done to remove the excess oil or acne from the skin has taken the sebum with itself. As a result the skin does not own its natural protector, allowing the fungal bacteria to get passed by easily.


The key to treating the blackheads is proper cleansing, exfoliation and protection. There are numerous skin care products available in the market for this purpose including charcoal/kaolin mask that remove excess oil and impurities from the skin. Gentle scrub would also prove to be helpful, use it twice a week. In case of any condition that is away from natural, make sure to take the therapist help.


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